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Have you ever wished for an A/V converter that was small enough for tight spaces in the field, yet big on features, and at an affordable budget? Look no further!
OPHIT is offering a series of mini converters with mini SDI to HDMI or HDMI to SDI connectivity.
Free yourself from the struggles of oversized, overpriced, rack-mounted units.
Ophit’s SDI to HDMI mini converter provides the ideal connection point when using consumer flat-screen LCD video displays, full HD TVs, IP TVs or Smart TVs for field broadcast monitoring. And you get all this without breaking the bank. Simply place the converter close enough to an AC outlet or power extension and plug in the DC 12V power adapter. Its small size fits neatly behind a monitor, or it can be placed alongside of wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted projectors.
OPHIT’s SDI to HDMI converters offer low jitter and minimized noise for long distance broadcasting grade applications.
SDI to HDMI Converter
Dimension: 100W x 85D x 25H(mm)
HDMI to SDI Converter
Dimension: 100W x 85D x 25H(mm)
The HDMI to SDI mini converter makes SDI connections available when using HDMI devices. With this mini device you can convert and send out an SDI signal after receiving an HDMI signal from any digital camcorder or computer.
The converted SDI signal can be forwarded to SDI switchers or other components for further production.
For the ultimate in A/V control, our SDI matrix switchers offer a flexible, robust, and reliable routing solution. Units are available to handle applications up to as many as 64 sources and 64 outputs. The SMS-6464 is supplied with a 12”, USB connected, touch-screen control panel. This makes the switching process intuitive and easy to manage.
Solutions to all of your broadcast A/V configurations are available from Ophit. Our full line of mini converters and splitters, partnered with the professional level SMS-3232 and SMS-6464 switches enable you to set up an unlimited number of configurations in the broadcasting environment between different types of signals, including SDI, DVI, HDMI and optical fiber.
SMS-3232 series
3G SDI 32x32 Matrix Switcher
  SMS-6464 series
3G SDI 64x64 Matrix Switcher
GSA ΰ OPHIT's product line consists of Optical DVI Extender, Optical HDMI Extender, Optical SDI Extender, Multi Quad Viewer, Optical DisplayPort Extender, Multi Scaler Viewer, DVI HDMI Converter, Multi Video Processor, HDMI SDI Converter, DVI Matrix Switcher, multi-format video converter, Medical endoscopy video converter, etc., and is getting reputation in over 20 countries in the world.
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