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Medical Display

Medical Display
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As a leading video signal design and manufacturing company, Ophit is continuously focusing on high quality medical video signal solutions. More and more, today’s medical devices are generating numerous types of video signals. From analog to high definition digital, each of these medical devices requires video control and video signal transferring or converting. Health care organizations are under increasing pressure to bring advanced technologies and efficiencies to their facilities. High quality digital video interface applications are an important part of that equation.
Endoscope/MRI digital Video Signal Transfer
Using optical DVI/HDMI cable, instead of copper, brings many benefits in medical installations. Picture quality remains high over long distances, and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) is not a concern. Optical fiber cables are the perfect solution for extending digital video signals, without loss, from medical devices to digital displays in the operating room or even to remote places in the hospital. An infrastructure using optical DVI/HDMI helps to isolate and reduce unwanted interference between video signals and power cables. This is an important and mandatory requirement for many medical devices.
Ophit is supplying and working with major MRI and endoscope companies in US, EU and Japan.
  • DDLDVI fiber optic 4ch extender
  • DSPDVI fiber optic 1ch extender
  • FTDSDisplayport 1.2 fiber optic 1Ch Extender
Ultrasound/Endoscope Video Signal Converting
There are numerous medical devices that generate various types of video signals. Add this to the wide variety of display devices, and different end users and environments with strict demands, and the result can be complete medical video confusion! Ophit's Universal Video Converter (Medical Endoscopy Video Converter) can convert analog or digital video signals to the proper type required for almost any application. The Universal Video Converter (Medical Endoscopy Video Converter) has been chosen, and is currently in use, by many ultrasonic companies worldwide. Ophit has taken a leading role in the design, development, and supply of signal converting solutions for today's medical device marketplace.
  • UVC-S300Multi-format Video Converter
    Input: HDMI
    Output: DVI,VGA, S-Video Composite
  • DAUMulti-format converter
Video Integration and Control in the Medical Center
When it comes to connecting the individual parts of an advanced medical video control system, we have you covered. Ophit provides easy-to-install and easy-to-use medical wall plate converters. Or if needed, stand-alone box type converters are also available. Each of these is used to convert D-Sub, S-Video, and SDI to a DVI signal.
Solutions for controlling and distributing the converted digital video signals (DVI) have also been developed by Ophit. By implementing one of our 16x16 or 32x32 digital matrix switchers, the video signals can be directed to display devices that are in the operation room, a conference room, a doctor’s office, or anywhere where the video has to be displayed. This type of application in medical centers, involving seamless transfer, distribution and switching of video without signal loss, is the perfect fit for Ophit’s fiber optical system of components.
  • CVBXW seriesDVI/VGA/S-Video/SDI to fiber
    Wall plate type Converter
  • CVBXW seriesDVI/VGA/S-Video/SDI to fiber
    conversion box
  • DSLDVI fiber optic 1ch extender
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